''The power of boredom and stillness sparks creativity and that's how Heatmode was created. I was in Melbourne lockdown in 2021 and the idea came to me like a light bulb moment. I wanted to create a brand that empower women and make them feel good from the inside out, sexy, not to be afraid to stand out and be BOLD.'' 

'' Heatmode is an extension of me, an alter ego if you will... It's like the mindset of Marilyn Monroe. Once you put a Heatmode piece on you switch into main character energy and I can guarantee you heads will turn. From a design perspective I knew my collections would be reversible, limited pieces & proudly made from Vietnam. My inspiration comes from my love of spirituality, life experiences and little things that make happy.'' 

'' I spent all of 2023 working on this project while in between jobs that were not fulfilling at all, sacrificing short-term instant gratification for long-term legacy. While dealing with major anxiety, self-doubt & questioning if this was for me! BUT I GOT THROUGH! and proud of what I created so far and for what's to come.'' 

''Heatmode isn't just another swimwear label. It's a brand that will empower women, advocates for diversity and body positivity and focuses on creating a community of like-minded women to express and show up authentically. I'm a proud Vietnamese Australian and I can't wait to share with you the vision for Heatmode very soon. - LOVE JULIE <3 ''