Our Heatmode swimwear pieces are carefully created entirely from 80% recycled polyester, demonstrating our strong dedication to environmental awareness and ethical standards. Prioritizing the well-being of the environment is a central pillar of
our ethos.


Every Heatmode swimwear pieces is carefully created in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam symbolizing our founders pride in being a Vietnamese Australian. Her consistent visits to the production site guarantee that the workplace conditions are ethical, fair and toa high standard. We take satisfaction in contributing to the well-being of our worker's families.


Crafted from 80% recycled polyester, our swimwear provide a superb sustainable alternative. Helping decrease our ecological footprint by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases and CO₂, all the while conserving water and lowering energy consumption. 


We strongly believe our packaging is equally important as the product itself.
Our production process ensures 100% compostable and biodegradable packaging
for all swing tags, thank-you cards and compostable postal mailers.